Bay Colony Naples

The Best Way To Get Affordable Bay Colony Naples Homes

There is one thing that the Bay Colony area of Naples is not known for. That is finding affordable housing. That is not to say it’s not available, but it is undoubtedly one of the more exclusive regions of that entire area. Bay Colony is always going to be at the top of the list for those that like exclusivity, great golf, and fantastic houses. If you would like to move into one of the Bay Colony Naples homes that are currently available, for a price that is affordable, these tips will lead you to realtors that can help you find the best one. Find out more about Bay Colony from Naples real estate sites optimized by Naples Florida SEO.

Where Is Bay Colony Located?

If you have lived in Naples for quite some time, you will be aware that the Bay Colony homes and condominiums are located right off of Vanderbilt Beach Road. It is close to Naples Park, and also the cocoa River. If you have spent any time in North Naples, you will know exactly where to go. This is an exclusive community that will undoubtedly be a beautiful place to live. However, there are many other reasons that you may choose to live in this region other than the name of this destination.

Why Would You Choose Bay Colony As A Place To Live?

According to many people, the Bay Colony represents one of the best places that you can live if you are looking for a combination of many factors. That will include exceptionally well-designed homes, a luxury waterfront real estate in Naples Florida , a natural preserve, and access to beaches and the Gulf of Mexico. If you are a fan of playing golf, they have excellent golf courses, those that are designed by only the best architects. In addition to this, there are bridges, natural waterways, and the ability to interact with people just like yourself.

What Type Of Golfing Is Available There?

There is a golf course that is available to those that have a membership that lives in or around Bay Colony. It is called The Estates. This is a championship golf course, one that has been around since the 1990s, designed by Robert von Hagge. It is a stunning creation, one that incorporates the tropical landscape throughout the area. There will be pristine greens, freshwater lakes, and even royal palm trees that will be scattered throughout the city. You will also get access to the Bay Colony Golf Club which is exceedingly large at 34,500 square feet. If exclusivity is what will motivate you to play golf and go to the golf clubhouse, there are only 300 people that can be part of this exclusive membership.

How To Find The Best Homes In Your Price Range

First of all, the homes that are in this area are valued at millions of dollars. Therefore, if you get a discount, it will likely be for five or six figures. It just depends on the seller, and the type of home you are looking for. If it is valued at $3 million, then you may be able to save a couple hundred thousand dollars if your offer is accepted. Most of the people that live here are not concerned about money. They already have more than they can spend. However, if you are an individual that is working your way up through the corporate structure, and you now can access one of these multimillion-dollar homes, saving money on that purchase will still be something you are focused on.

Does It Take Long To Get Into One Of These Homes?

Obtaining one of these homes is a straightforward process. Find a realtor that is currently selling many different homes and condominiums in the Bay Colony area. Their website will disclose information about them. You can call them up, or send an email, to speak with them. They may be able to set up several open houses for you. You will be able to attend them and see what is inside of some of these elegant homes. After doing this, it should be very easy for you to make your decision on whether or not to invest in the luxury homes at Bay Colony.

The investment that you make into a Bay Colony home, and also to play golf there, will be a sizable investment indeed. However, you are paying for what other people cannot get access to. You will be one of the few that are allowed in these exceptional communities. If you do decide to play golf, you can find out if there are any openings. As mentioned before, only 300 memberships are given for the Bay Colony golf course. Once you can play at The Estates, you will see why having this membership, along with your home, might be precisely what you are looking for.